Wednesday, June 6, 2012

To Share or Not to Share

This post is inspired by a status update of one of my friends on Facebook.  She was wondering whether Reconstruction was a good path to be on for her, and that she was worried that she was listening to her head too much and not enough to her heart.

Funny enough this was the subject of my last post on here, sort of.  I had come to the point where I had to acknowledge that even though CR methodology was something that I was always going to keep in mind and practice in my spiritual path, there will/does come a time when CR methodology becomes limiting/limited (like in the case of Ritual practice), and it is time to trust our hearts, and our intuition.  

My thoughts on this is this: While Reconstruction is a methodology that I will always fall back on I'm starting to go back to simple practice.  I used to keep worrying what other people thought now...not so much.  You know what the funny thing is? Reconstruction is about practice, I'm wondering if somehow people just got lost along the way...Everyone from the old days of Reconstruction I've talk to say the same thing, but when you look at what really goes on (in groups anyway) all you see is knit picking..  If the Gods are not objecting, then humans should just shut the f*** up. It is MY path and not anyone else's. I'm going to blog about my experiences and if people don't like what I am sharing they can go somewhere else.  This is how I practice my faith, I'm not saying that this is the only way or that you have to do it this same way.  I would love to read about other people's experiences just like they read about mine...without criticism.

A Raging Battle

By ME! 

I lay down on the floor looking up,
My arms stretched out to the sides.
In my body there rages a battle,
My mind against my soul.
I hear music at a distance, the melody so beautiful
Is it there to feed and strengthen my soul?
My mind rebels and remembers its knowledge,
ancient, and newly acquired.
I’m the stronger! I have this knowledge!
I curl up and lay on my side,
then I remember,
My mind and my soul,
there must be a balance to end this war.

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