Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Of Language Study (2): Old Irish

I've decided to brush up on my Old Irish...or rather study it all over again since I'm not just rusty, I'm totally a blank slate. Since I'm going on that adventure I thought I would share with you all the resources I am going to use to study. Maybe you'll join me!

Online Resources:

I don't have a lot of these yet, so if you know of any please let me know.

1. Old Irish Online: This is from the University of Texas at Austin and it contains readings and lessons on Old Irish as well as a nice overview of why they chose to have lessons on it.

2. Táin Bó CúalgneThe Cattle-Raid of Cooley (Táin Bó Cúalnge) is the central epic of the Ulster cycle. Queen Medb of Connaught gathers an army in order to gain possession of the most famous bull in Ireland, which is the property of Daire, a chieftain of Ulster. Because the men of Ulster are afflicted by a debilitating curse, the seventeen-year-old Cuchulain must defend Ulster single-handedly. This contains the Irish along side the English.

3. eDilThe electronic Dictionary of the Irish Language (eDIL) is a digital edition of the complete contents of the Royal Irish Academy’s Dictionary of the Irish Language based mainly on Old and Middle Irish materialsThe text of eDIL is identical to that of the Academy’s Dictionary, except that obvious errors have been corrected where possible and that the published Additions and Corrections for the letters A-C and F have been incorporated.


I must admit this is my favourite mode of study, there is just something about having a book in your hand...

1. Sengoídelc: Old Irish for Beginners by David Stifter. A book written for the beginner and contains 58 lessons with grammar and exercises (and their solutions).

2. A Student's Companion to Old Irish Grammar by Ranke de Vries. 

3. A Grammar of Old Irish by R. Thurneysen. This was first printed in 1946...so yeah, old but gold.

4. Old-Irish Paradigms and Selections from the Old-Irish Glosses by John Strachan 

5. Old-Irish Workbook by E.G. Quin. 40 lessons, exercises and their solutions. This workbook can be used along side Thurneysen's A Grammar of Old Irish but it needs to be read along side Old-Irish Paradigms and Selections from the Old-Irish Glosses by John Strachan 

Monday, February 2, 2015

Air n-Aithesc Imbolc/Bealtaine 2015

The Imbolc/Bealtaine 2015 issue of Air n-Aithesc is here! 

In this issue there are two articles from Morgan Daimler, the first is about Bealtaine celebration in a family setting and the second is about the fairy folk. We have some awesome poetry by PSVL and an excellent article about Manannán by Finnchuill. Saigh Kym Lambert has an article in this issue on "Fénnidecht Rites of Passage". I have two book reviews in this issue as well as my regular column "The Study" which deals with the 101 questions of the CR methodology and hopefully will later move on to more complex issues than that. Check out the Table of Contents below.

You may buy the magazine on this LINK