Sunday, June 17, 2012

Of Technology, Meditation and Divination...

Usually I don't think much of applications on phones that promise something along the spiritual or divination lines.  However, lately I discovered two applications that have made a huge difference for me and so I thought I'd talk about them here today.

The first application is called Relax Melodies.  I have the premium version and it has made a huge difference in my sleeping cycle, my meditations, and my concentration.  This application can be found both on Android phones and on iPhones.  The application has many different settings, deep meditation, dreams, dreamless sleep, concentration, relaxation, and pre-sleep.  I've been using the pre-sleep setting every night for the past month and the deep meditation setting for all my meditations.  I've found that my sleeping cycle has improved a lot, as well as my concentration during the day.  I have also found that the meditations that used to be so hard for me are now much easier to perform.  The sounds are very soothing and the timer option that the program has is just amazing.  I don't have to worry about shutting the program off after an allotted time nor do I have to worry about waking up to close the application if I drifted off to sleep in the pre-sleep mode.  

The second application I've only seen in Android.  It is called Ogham and it is very interesting because while I hate using these applications because of their interpretations, this application actually allows you to program into the application your own interpretations which is very convenient.  Now I can carry my Oghams with me everywhere, meditate on them any place and use whatever I come up with or whatever interpretation I prefer on it, for my own divination needs.
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