Saturday, June 2, 2012

A Poem and A Welcome

He That Never Read a Line

"Tis sad to see the Sons of learnining
In everlasting Hellfire burning
While he that never read a line
Doth in eternal glory shine." - translation by Robin Flower, 

ninth century Irish poem "Mac Léinn"

A Welcome

Welcome to my blog!  I found myself deciding that I really needed to document my thoughts on my path and not just the research I do.  I have a blog already for my personal everyday life and one for my book reviews but I don't have one for my spiritual life so to speak.  I decided to rededicate this blog for this purpose.

I will be sharing what my thoughts on meditations are, what I'm working on spiritually and what my sessions of devotional work provide me with when it comes to thoughts or insight.  I might not use this blog a lot but I'm hoping to give it a workout.  
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