Friday, June 22, 2012

Summer Solstice and Ogam meditations

So I did my summer solstice ritual (ADF style) this week.  I don't usually celebrate it but because the ADF DP requires 4 ADF style rituals to be completed I decided to do those on the equinoxes and solstices because they were not promised to my household Gods.  I decided to do it near the ocean instead of the desert because (a) I just felt it was more correct to do it this way, and (b) because I couldn't go to the desert on that day.  It was certainly interesting and you can find the ritual here (ADF BLOG) since I decided not to add it to my website.  I do think however, that I want to explore doing a simple ritual to Manannán Mac Lír each year as I felt a bit of a connection that I would like to explore.  Of course it could just be that He was just acknowledging my presence there...who knows...

On Wednesday I finally finished meditating on the first aicme (BLFSN).  My interpretations in general agree with what I have read in Erynn Laurie's book.  I'm taking a break until Sunday from Ogam meditations to let things marinate in my mind a bit.  
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