Saturday, May 3, 2014

My Beltaine ritual

This was a quiet ritual for me last night at home. 

The Ritual:

What is needed: four candles (three for representing the gods, ancestors, and spirits, and one to represent the central or ‘hearth’ fire), offerings (bread, raw meat, and apples) a drinking vessel, a vessel to hold offerings (apple juice). Purifying water (I use rain water or spring water).

Purifying My Self Before Ritual:

I dip my hand into water, touch my forehead and say:

“May I be pure that I might cross through the sacred.”

I dip my hand again, touch my lips and say:

“May I cross through the sacred that I may attain the holy.”

I dip my hand again, touch my heart and say:

“May I attain the holy that I might be blessed in all things.”

Main Part of the Ritual:

Opening Prayer:

The fertile land below,
the blue sea about,
the vast sky above,
their blessings here tonight.

Kindling the Fire:

Lighting the candle.

I light the hearth candle,

May it grow strong,

May it grow bright,

May it carry my prayers to the gods.

Prayers to the Hosts:

Light a candle

A fire for the gods is here,
Excellent Hosts,
proficient in wisdom and skill,
splendid and hardy troupe,
generous patrons,

Morrígan, great warrior goddess, prophetess, and sorceress, I raise my voice in praise of you with wonder and awe.  I sit in your presence, oh great source of terror and comfort.

Lugh Lamhfhada, great warrior and god of many arts, I praise you.  Bright and shining god and flaming spear out of the chaos I honor you.


Give offering

Light a candle

A fire for the ancestors is here,
for those whose graves we rest on
and whose fame we seek to follow.
A lamp to guide your way
through the mists
from Tech Duinn. 

Give offering

Light a candle

A fire for the Fair-Folk and land spirits is here,
auspicious and kindly denizens,
hosts of the abundant land,
gentry of the hills and mounds,

Spirits and guardians of the desert,
People of Peace, 

Give offering

Hail and Greetings to
The Three that are here,
Excellent Gods,
Beloved Ancestors,
and Kindly Spirits;
the three eternal fires
that illuminate the world.

Purpose of the ritual:

This ritual is to celebrate Beltaine

Main Offering/Sacrifice

To the Ever-Living Three
I give this raw meat and bread
in honor and in gratitude and in love,
honoring the ancient and ancestral
contract that binds us.

Give offering

Peace to sky,
sky to earth,
earth beside sea,
strength in each.

Hail to the gods,
love to the dead,
peace to the Good-Folk,
noble is each.

Personal Prayers:

My Gods, thank you for the blessing of strength and patients. I ask for your help as always, in my personal, spiritual, and precessional life.

Ending the Ritual:

Drinking cup filled with apple juice

I thank the gods of my ancestors for joining me in my ritual, I thank my ancestors for guiding me, and I thank the land spirits for aiding me.  I thank you all for being a witness to my endeavor.

Libate and Sip

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