Sunday, May 4, 2014

A ritual to dedicate the next year to studying Manannan Mac Lir (along side my Gods)

Purifying Self:

Dip your hand into water, touch your forehead and say: “May I be pure that I might cross through the sacred.”

Dip your hand again, touch your lips: “May I cross through the sacred that I may attain the holy.”

Dip your hand again, touch your heart and say: “May I attain the holy that I might be blessed in all things.”

Petition Ritual:

Sit or stand in front of the deity Altar/Shrine and say a blessing for the three realms:

The Waters support and surround me.
The Land extends about me.
The Sky reaches out above me.
At the center burns a living flame.

Light the candle or flame at the center of the Altar/Shrine.  Say:

I light this fire to carry my prayers to the Gods of my ancestors.
Now you ask the gods, nature spirits and ancestors to join you.

I ask the gods of my ancestors to join me in my ritual, I ask my ancestors to guide me, and I ask the land spirits to aid me.  I ask all to be a witness to my endeavor.

Now insert a prayer for the gods you want to petition.

"Hail Manannan, son of the sea, and father of mist. I come to you with an open heart."

Purpose of the Ritual:

I call on to you humbly, Manannan Mac Lir, to accept me as a student on your path for the next year. I will make offerings to you at midday, each day and honor you on Midsummer's day.

Now it is time to make the offerings:

Pick up the offering for Manannan and raise it above your head and say:

To Manannan, I honor you. I offer you my hospitality and give thanks for your blessings on my endeavors.

Place offering.

Now thanks the gods, nature spirits and the gods for listening to you.

I thank the gods of my ancestors for joining me in my ritual, I thank my ancestors for guiding me, and I thank the land spirits for aiding me.  I thank you all for being a witness to my endeavor.

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