Monday, August 15, 2016

Of Thoughts and Updates

          More and more my rituals are going towards being less outdoorsy and more indoor. I prefer the quiet of my home shrine and a small family feast. I guess I am going through an inward cycle right now. My Lughnasadh ritual was very much that sort of quiet time with myself and my Gods.
          I have around three more chapters to write in my book. Well I think just three more...not sure yet if I want to add some more topics to the ones I have planned. I'm also thinking of adding a journal which can be downloaded and printed out free by people who buy the book so that they can use them together. Again still in the planning phase. The book itself is giving me fits. I've taken to calling it "The Monster Project", because that is what it is turning into...a monster.
          I am re-reading a book on the Manx Calendar and I've yet to see a mention of Manannán Mac Lír in it yet...which seems a little weird to me, and one of the many hmmm moments I've had researching this book. After the Isle of Man, I'm going to start researching Scottish customs. I've ordered some books on Wales and Cornwall, but I'm also going to look for new books when I go to England next month. This should be fun... 

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