Friday, May 17, 2013

Book Review: Abair Leat! Cúrsa ranga do mhúinteoirí Gaeilge (Leibhéal 1, Cuid 1)

I'm always interested in finding a way to improve my learning of Irish Gaelic so when I fine something new on Litríocht or Amazon on learning Irish Gaelic I usually order it.  I should have looked closer before ordering this book.  I was just too dang excited to see something new, and ordered it right away before reading the description.  The website says "A class-course, with accompanying CD for teachers who wish to teach Irish to complete beginners"  I still didn't think much of the _for teachers_ part until it arrived.  It is literally lesson plans for teachers.

I still had hope though because I do know Irish Gaelic and I could read a lot of what was written in Irish enough to make sense of what the sentences were discussing. The commentary on the lessons aside, the lessons themselves were good.  The recordings were in Ulster Irish though and so were the words in the book.  An experienced teacher could probably fit the lessons to any dialect and use the pictures and lesson plans to set up their class.

I'm not an Irish teacher but I think this is a great book with a good lesson plan for any of my irish teacher friends.  I would definitely recommend they at least check this out.  Here is a link to where I bought it from: Abáir Leat!
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